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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : !!!ways to be absolutely miserable

17th April 2009, 07:26 PM
Unhappiness is a choice


Sometimes we envy those who are so miserable, “Why can’t I be as sad as him” or “She’s so lucky, you never see her without a frown on her face”.
You too can be as depressed as them - I promise!
All it takes is the power of your mental focus. Your life is what you focus on, that’s all.
Luckily, I have created a list to help you stay in a negative state AT ALL TIMES. Try it for a few days; if you’re not lower in spirits than ever before, I’ll give you your money back!

Live In The Past: If at all possible, repeat the mistakes you’ve made in your life over and over again in your mind. Remind yourself that no-one else makes mistakes, just you.

Think About Missed Opportunities: In order to waste EVEN MORE of your time and energy, think about all the things you think you’ve missed out on, remembering to make them seem better than what they actually were. Remember that job you didn’t take, that girl you broke up with…….what if…………….

The Grass IS Greener On The Other Side: Of course it is! Look at all those other people’s lives, they haven’t got their troubles or challenges, and they’re perfectly peaceful and happy in every way. Try to remember this from the moment you wake up.

Remember All The Times You’ve Been Mistreated: Replay these occasions over and over again in your mind. It serves absolutely purpose other than to bring a painful past event right smack into the present and experience it all over again - result!

Worry About Possible Future Mistreatment: When done with step 4, move to worrying about more of the same in the future. You don’t have to wait on it actually happening. They say a coward dies a thousand deaths - BE THAT COWARD!

Focus On What’s Missing In Your Life And Don’t Be Grateful For What You Already Have: Yes, some people are starving to death in the world, some have lost loved ones in war or to disease, bla bla bla…..YOUR protein STILL hasn’t arrived from Amazon.com!!!!!

Are You Beginning To Age Quickly!? Probably not but you should believe you are, after all, the worry will cause more lines and wrinkles - a self-fulfilling prophesy is just what you need.

Think About Financial Ruin: Hey, there’s a credit crunch on and even if you aren’t personally affected, think about how you could be anyway….
I could lose my job
I could lose my home
Imagine if I was that guy who lost everything last week
Stuff like that works great!

Gossip & Bitch About Others Constantly: You don’t believe in Karma - what goes around does NOT come around. Treat others like crap - relax, you’ll be the first person in history who doesn’t get their comeuppance.

Believe That Your Situation Is Hopeless: Whatever it is, you CANNOT change it so don’t even try. No, no-one in the history of mankind has EVER overcome a similar situation and no-one in the whole world is prepared to lend you a hand. You’re trapped so accept it.

Practice these steps for a week and you’ll change your life
To Misery!

If you’d like to be happy, just do the opposite

The past doesn’t exist, NOW is all you have, so enjoy it

Everyone makes mistakes - all of us. You weren’t the first & won’t be the last

Other people have their own challenges that you have no idea about

Worrying is dumb and a major waste of time

Be grateful for the things you have while you move towards the things you want

Treat others as you’d like to be treated - it works!

No situation is hopeless. We are never given challenges that we have not amassed the skills to overcome. Challenges are learning tools and not things to be feared. You can overcome anything - ANYTHING!

:) :) :) :) :)