It's kept always in your heart dreaming days and nights to see it's real in front of your eyes. You never care the time it will take, you never care the effort you will give, but the only thing you care about is to achieve it.

It's there in your heart, so you will never neglect. Sometimes your heart can no more stand it; your eyes felt the pain of your heart and start weeping. Despite all the tears filling your eyes that didn't make your eyes blurred to see it achieved.

You went to a friend of yours whom you can open your heart to; sharing some of the heavy pain you were bearing. He was one time listening, other times starring at you trying to fetch hardly what is making your heart bleeding! He nodded his head to every word you was saying and his eyes were so watery like your eyes, but at last he couldn't do anything to you. It's kept there inside your heart. You shake hands and thanked him for caring and you went away.

You saw your brother doing some work, you went close to him, he looked at you and smiled, and then he returned back to work! There was somebody knocking the door, your sister dashed to open the door and there you found your father coming from a long tiring day. You rushed to him and before speaking a word, he told you he got loads of problems to solve and asked you to pray GOD to be solved.

And the time past and what was in your heart was getting heavier and heavier. You switched off your bedroom's light and sadly lied down your bed. Then happily your mother came and sat beside you. You felt hope inside you. You kept starring at your mother feeling that she was the only person on earth who can help you. She hugged you and between her soft arms she told you that she loved you and kissed you good night. While she was stepping to get out of your room, you felt you are the loneliest person this planet had known. The sound of your crying was about to wake up your family.

Suddenly an idea came up to your mind which was the ''MONAGAH''. To tell GOD your problem, what you really feel, what you are deadly in need of achieving.'' GOD is the one and the only one who can listen to me at any time, who I can go to at any place. GOD can help me to achieve all my aims and can change my life to a better one, I am not alone! I am not alone!'' you said cheerfully.

You kept telling GOD why your heart was kept bleeding and the burden was so heavy that you can hardly bear alone. You spoke and spoke and spoke until fajer time. You prayed fajer and it was the happiest and the most relieving day in your life.

And how about you my friend, don't you have secrets, aims and problems that you can hardly solve? What are you waiting for? GOD is everywhere to help you. Just all what you have to do is to open your heart to GOD and you will see how difference your life will be you.