when I am alone

sitting with my own

!! feeling something unkown

something wispher inside

!! thinking about what can I find

? heart: Is it love.....the thing pepole talk about

mind: I dont think so.....maybe cause of you are so sensitive heart

heart: But.....there`s one I feel

mind: ummm.....Go on and tell me about that thing u feel

.....heart: I found him

mind: 0ooh! wait you said found.....I think you hide manythings now heart

.....heart: sorry ! I`ll tell you everything about

.....! mind: Haaaaa

heart: He.....Glowing star

Beauty moon

cuite sky

shinning sun

soft sand

shy rainbow

.....Greatest life in my heart

!! mind: what all these things...no one desrve your words

? would he feel u as u do-

? would he dream of you at night-

? would he leaves you cry between his hand-

? would he wait for you as his heart-

? would he love you one day

.....answer me please! If u can and get words for my questions heart

heart: just wait for his first romance phone

.....praying for the day our names be on the same stone

? mind: It`s a joke!? are you crazy!? are u serious

heart: yes am crazy of him and am really serious nothig deserve only he

"mind: But it` ll be your fault if you still running in that thing that named "love

heart: and it` ll be my fault too if i leave him alone

? mind: how crazy you really are! and what about you

? what about ur hurt before? do u wanna repeat it again

heart: it doesnt matter.....i found my self with him

mind: ok! it`s up to you this time.....just wanna be

your alarm if u fall one day

wish you great life

.....wish you lovely future mind and

mind: 0ooh! please wish for me great life wothout love and pains