A time that is bitter is sad. A time that is sweet is usually happy. So how can an occasion be described as bittersweet? It's an oxymoron, a pair of words that seem to contradict each other, or just look silly together. Here are some oxymorons you may come across.

The oxymoron clearly confused may mean obviously mixed up.

The oxymoron definite maybe may mean the answer may be yes . . . or no.

The oxymoron genuine imitation may mean not the real thing, but a lot like it.

The oxymoron guest host may mean temporary star of a TV talk show or game show.

The oxymoron jumbo shrimp may mean large shrimp.

The oxymoron old news may mean it made headlines a while ago.

The oxymoron open enclosed garden may mean a fenced-in garden that is open to the public.

The oxymoron open secret may mean it's supposed to be a secret, but everyone knows it.

The oxymoron same difference may mean it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.

The oxymoron taped live may mean it happened hours ago, but it was taped as it happened.

The oxymoron war games may mean exercises by the armed forces preparing troops for battle.

It's an oxymoron