A palindrome is a word, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward and forward. If English were a very old ********, the first words ever spoken could have been a palindrome "Madam, I'm Adam." Or maybe, "Madam in Eden, I'm Adam." The answer Adam got could have been "Eve." Here are some other palindromes to ponder.

A warning outside the veterinarian's office could read:
Step on no pets.

If your aging cats act confused or strange, you may be dealing with
senile felines.

Have you ever asked yourself:
Do geese see God?

After trying unsuccessfully to lift a heavy rock, you might shout:
O, stone, be not so!

You're making a drawing of your family, but you're not sure you have it right, so you could ask your brother:
Did I draw Della too tall, Edward? I did?

When your brother asks you what's for dinner, you could tell him
Ma has a ham.

When President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to shorten the route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean by creating the Panama Canal, this palindrome could have summed it up
A man, a plan, a canal: Panama!

On election day, you might say to your dad
Rise to vote, sir!

If your supermarket is running out of fruit, you might find
No lemons, no melon.

When you ride in a car on a foggy day, your eyes may play tricks on you. What was that?
Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Your doctor says the best way to start your diet is to stop eating, or fast. You disagree
Doc, note: I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod.

Can you think of some palindromes?