Imagine that you have a cup of tea over

I added the sugar ... But do not move the sugar

Can you taste the sweetness of sugar?

Certainly not

Dwell in the cup for a minute ... And tea tasting

Do you change something!

Is your taste Sweetness?

I think not

But notes that tea seemed cool and cool

You did not Tzk Halawi yet?

So a final attempt Put your hands on your head on the generation

Cup of tea and pray that the Lord tea dissolved

Permission. .. All of that madness ...

It would be absurd. ..

Tea will be dissolved. ..

But will have cold drinking will begin. ...

As well as life is ... They cups of tea over

And capacities that God granted you the inherent goodness in him and within

Sugar is yourself ... Which if not driven by yourself

Halawi will taste the flavor of God and called idle

That makes your life better will not only better

I worked hard to yourself ...

Her creativity and yourself ...

Therefore, I do ...

To reach

To succeed

To become your life better. ..

And taste the sweetness of your business and productivity and creativity