Muhammad Ali Uthman Mujahid | ********: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 180 | Size: 12 MB
“Smile with the Prophet (PBUH)” is the aim we seek to accomplished by publishing this book “Wa ‘Inda’idhin Dahikar-Rasul” (When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Smiled), which contains a number of situations in which the Prophet (PBUH) smiled. By reading the Hadiths which include these situations, readers can smile along with the Prophet (PBUH) and recall the feeling that made him (PBUH) smile in the situation in question, be it happiness, delight, wonder, astonishment or any other feelings. We invite you to join us in this special and blessed journey with the smiles of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), for this is an apt to benefit you in two ways: To learn from the Prophetic guidance included in the mentioned hadiths To smile with the Prophet (PBUH)... & Allah (SWT) is the knowledgeable

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