Give Me a Break!
When hard days stick its pins into our life, we find ourselves face to face with problems which make us feel all the heaviness on our shoulders. They make us unable to endure any more so we come under pressure, and we are torn to pieces. In this case, we seek for a ray of hope to get rid of these weights.

If we want to take some days off to be by ourselves, we need to say to the entire world "Give me a break!" This doesn't mean that relationships are broken nor that we have to live in isolation. It means "Let me alone for a while". It helps to build a better basis for relationships . We should take into account that taking a break doesn't mean the problems will be solved automatically, but it gives us space to think of these problems. How we successfully spend this period of time in order to return to society is an important element in recovery.

In short, "Give me a break!" is a small sentence, but it is a "healthy way" to get rid of problems, and to achieve peace of mind