Once upon a time. There was a blind man who lived a quiet life in a village. All the villagers liked him because he was known for his kindness and quietness. One night there was a thief who wanted to rob the houses in that village. He learned from the villagers about the blind man who lived alone" this should be an easy job" the thief thought to himself laughing.

Later that night the thief broke in to the blind man house and he saw him sleeping peacefully. The thief laughed quietly and went in to one of the storage rooms that was full with lots of stuff but had no window in it. The thief laughed as he was filling the bag that he brought with all the stuff in that room.

Suddenly the thief heard someone talking" you thought because I was blind it would be a piece of cake to steal from me? Well think again you thief!" the thief was startled to hear the blinds man voice. The thief turned his face to see what was behind him. He saw the blind man standing at the door way holding the robe of his seeing dog. The blind man released the robe and shouted" JOHN GO ". The dog barked and jumped at the thief and attacked him viciously. The thief got terrified. He wanted to escape from the dog so he ran toward the only door in the room to get out. But his dreams vanished into thin air when the blind man closed the door and locked him in. there was no way out for the thief. He was trapped in a room with very vicious dog.

The thief screamed for help but no one answered his cries. The neighbors woke up when they heard the screams and they called the cops. When the cops came, the blind man finally opened the door of the room to them. The cops entered the room. The thief was unconscious, in a very bad shape and badly injured. One of the cops said" I bet the thief did not expect this to happen!". The blind man replied" he got what he deserved" and he continued stroking his beard" he should have realized that Still Waters Run Deep"

-The End-


My dear friends: "Still Waters Run Deep" is a saying in English that means we should never be fooled by individuals who seem quite and silent because appearances could be deceptive. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from the morels of this short story. See you in another topic in the futur