Consequences of Breaking Promises

1. Loss of trust
2. Loss of money and revenue
3. Depression in the society
4. Results in wrong decisions and assumptions
5. You will loose friends
6. Happiness and tranquility will go away
7. The person may lose his job
8. Wasting time, money and efforts
9. Difficult procedures to follow
10. Dishonesty will grow in the society
11. Cooperation will become rare
12. You’ll become undependable
13. Your marriage will be at stake
14. There should be a reason for breaking promise
15. Impact relationships negatively
16. Recession, economic problems, poverty as a result of rulers breaking promises
17. Delays in tasks
18. May face legal actions
19. No respect for these people
20. Loss of chances and opportunities
21. Loss of credibility
22. Bad boy in people’s eyes
23. Bad habit and example for others
24. Creating more chaos
25. Targets will not be achieved
26. Unhealthy environment
27. People have to keep follow you up
28. Embarrassment
29. Shattered confidence
30. Lose respect
31. You’ll not be promoted
32. Conflicts and fights
33. Bad behavior
34. Wife, kids, boss, colleagues will be unhappy
35. God will be unhappy, it’s a sin