smiles are like shafts of sunlight}
they*re beautiful
~ and bring instant happiness
!! Who can resist a warm smile
?a friendly grin

When you smile
You guide my way

When you smile
Everything seems fine

When you smile
You rock the world of mine

When you smile
You capture my soul

When you smile
You take me whole

When you smile
... My heart beats

When you smile
... That I can't beat

When you smile
That's what Im trying to find

When you smile
The only picture I keep in mind

When you smile
I see a beautiful smile

When you smile
I smile


smile for the good things in life
smile for your health
smile for your friends
and smile for your wealth

smile for the roof over your head
smile for your looks
smile for your free education
smile for all those books
! !
be happy about what you've got
be greatful
even if its not alot
shake off those worries
and dry those eyes
wipe away those tears
and that hatred inside

tell yourself you'll get through it
[color=#00cdff]its just a hurdle in life
you'll get through it, you will!
there's no need to reach for the knife
smile for this gift

you deserve a shot at life tooa life given to you
dont let it slip

[color=#e100ff]please keep your smile]