Why Should I Forget The Past

People have always been saying " Put the past behind your back " , " do not turn back " ..
They always say :" If you want to succeed and start anew , forget the past .."
why should I forget the past ??
why should I throw the most important part of my life behind me ?!
So What is the past ?
The past indicates those people who will never come back ..
Those whom I met once but never forgot ..
Those whom I loved forever ..
The past is a happy sad moment has gone forever

The past is the precious store of beautiful memories where you feel as if you were in a dream from which you never want to wake up..
The past is the treasure that must be kept forever in one's heart..
If the past was not that important , history would never exist ,
The past is a source of inspiration ..
The past is a source of strength ..
I will never forget my past.. I will never be a traitor
I will live my present … I will keep going