136 Photoshop Plug-ins v4 August 2009

136 برنامج وأداة مساعدة للفوتوشوب v4
كل ما تحتاجه موجود بالأسطوانة

معلومات والبرامج والأدوات

›————————Version 1—————————‹
Spent about 4+ hours searching, downloading, and unzipping/organizing the plugins so that Photoshop users dont have a plug-ins folder like mine with many different versions and many useless plugins. I searched for the LATEST plugins as of now available online.
›——————————————— —————‹

›————————Version 2—————————‹
Version 1 included all the keygen files. Some antivirus programs were alerting as false positives so I generated keys for everything, compiled that list as a document and removed the keygens.

I heard one report of Archvision RPC and the alien skin installers triggering one Antispyware program, but unsure which one. No problems with NOD32. No malware detected by HijackThis, ComboFix, or Spybot from these installs. The first two are more comprehensive together than most security applications, but shouldn't be used by anyone not trained on them.

• Added Lens Pro III
• Updated listing with Browser Preview v1.0.4
• Compiled Serials.txt
• Removed Key Generators
• Moved After Effects plugins to separate torrent
• Updated Flaming Pear - Now are LATEST as of 12/27/2008
• Added Flaming Pear Extras
›——————————————— —————‹

›————————Version 3—————————‹
Been a while since my last update.
The flaming pear plugins havent been updated
but I have added others, and updated others.

• Updated Lens Pro III (3.6 -> 3.84)
• Added Nik Software DFINE 2.102
• Added Nik Software Sharpener Pro 3.002
• Added Nik Software SilverEfex Pro 1.003
• Added Imagenomic Noiseware Pro 4.205
• Added Portaiture 2.105
• Added RealGrean 1.103
• Added Square to Circle 1.2
• Added ICO Bundle
• Added Formats: EI(32/64), MacPaint, NetPBM, PSP, SGI(32/64), TI8XI, WBPM
• Added Multiple Telegraphics Filters
• Flaming Pear Plugins Still Latest as of 7/21/2009
• Tested on Windows 7 7600 RTM w/ CS4
›——————————————— —————‹

›————————Version 4—————————‹
This version started as a simple update to Alienskin SnapArt to 2.0 but
I added so much more.

• Updated Alien Skin Snap Art (v1.1 -> v2.0)
• Updated Alien Skin Blowup (v1.0.2 -> v2.0.2)
• Added onOne Focal Point 1.1
• Added onOne Genuine Fractals PrintPro 5.0.3
• Added onOne Genuine Fractals Pro 6
• Added onOne Mask Pro 4.1.2
• Added onOne Photo Frame Pro 4.0.1
• Added onOne Photo Tools 1.0.3
• Added onOne Photo Tune 2.2
• Added VanDerLee Camouflage 1.0
• Added VanDerLee Halftone 2.0
• Added VanDerLee Harmonix 1.1
• Added VanDerLee NightVision 1.0
• Added VanDerLee OldMovie 1.3
• Added VanDerLee Snowflakes 1.0
• Added VanDerLee SnowScape 1.0
• Added VanDerLee UnPlugged-X 2.0
• Added Topaz Adjust 3.2.1
• Added Topaz DeNoise 3.01 x86/x64
• Added Topaz Vivacity 1.3.1
• Added LucisArt SE-ED 3.0.1
• Added Text-Art
• Added Power Retouche Retouching Suite 7.5
• Added PixelGenius Photokit Color 2.11
• Added PixelGenius Photokit Sharpener 1.26
• Added PixelGenius Photokit 1.26
• Added Electric Rain Swift 3D PS v1.0.134
• Added AutoFX DreamSuite Series v1.36
• Added PhotoFrame Pro 4
• Added Asiva Corect & Apply 2.2
• Added Asiva Grain 1.2
• Added Asiva Selection 2.2
• Added Asiva Sharpen & Soften 2.2
• Added Asiva Shift & Gain 2.2
• Tested on Windows 7 7600 RTM w/ CS4
›——————————————— —————‹




-----Alien Skin-----
BlowUp v2.0.2
**Keygen is detected as false positive. See the CWSandbox Report for details**
Exposure v2.0
Image Doctor v2.0
Impact v5.5
Nature v5.5
SnapArt v2.0
**Keygen is detected as false positive. See the CWSandbox Report for details**
Textures v5.5
Xenofex v2.5

Corect & Apply 2.2
Grain 1.2
Selection 2.2
Sharpen & Soften 2.2
Shift & Gain 2.2

DreamSuite Series v1.36

-----Archvision RPC-----
Archvision RPC v1.0

-----Digital Anarchy-----
Primatte v3.0
Backdrop Designer v1.2.2

-----Digital Element-----
Aurora 2.1

-----Electric Rain-----
Swift 3D PS v1.0.134

-----Flaming Pear-----
FeatherGIF v1.9.8
Flexify v2.4
Flood v1.3
Glitterato v1.2
Hue and Cry v1.3
India Ink v1.992
Lunar Cell v1.7.5
Melancholytron v1.4
Mr. Contrast v1.4
Polymerge v1.1
Primus v1.8
Solar Cell v1.7
SuperBladePro 1.7
Tesselation v1.3

-----Flaming Pear Designer Sextet-----
Aetherize v1.7.2
Glare v1.7.2
Lacquer v1.7.2
Silver v1.7
Swerve v1.7
Twist v1.7

-----Flaming Pear Creative Pack-----
Boss Emboss v1.4
Organic Edges v1.4
Vibrant Patterns v1.4
Wavy Color v1.4

-----Flaming Pear Webmaster-----
Browser Preview v1.0.4
Web Posterize v1.0.4
Web Scrubber v1.0.4

-----Flaming Pear Freebies-----
Anaglyph Flip v1.2
AntiGhost v1.2
ChromaSolarize v1.2
Demitone 25 v1.2
Demitone 50 v1.2
Ghost v1.2
Gray from Blue v1.2
Gray from Green v1.2
Gray from Red v1.2
HSL to RGB v1.2
Kyoto Color v1.4.4
Lab to RGB v1.2
Make Cube Tile v1.2
Make Iso Cube Tile v1.2
Ornament v1.2
Pixel Trash v1.6
RGB to HSL v1.2
RGB to Lab v1.2
Rule30 v1.2
Solidify A v1.2
Solidify B v1.2
Solidify C v1.2
Sphere Warp A v1.2
Sphere Warp B v1.2
Square to Circle 1.2
Swap Green and Blue v1.2
Swap Red and Blue v1.2
Swap Red and Green v1.2
Tachyon v1.2
TransLine v1.2
TransTone v1.2
Veins v1.2
Vitriol v1.2.1
Zephyr v1.2
Zombie v1.4

Noiseware Pro 4.205
Portraiture 2.105
RealGrean 1.103

Light Factory v3.0

SE-ED 3.0.1

ColorEfex Pro v3.101
DFINE 2.102
Sharpener Pro 3.002
SilverEfex Pro 1.003
Viveza 1.003

Focal Point 1.1
Genuine Fractals Print Pro 5.0.3
Genuine Fractals Pro 6
Mask Pro 4.1.2
Photo Frame Pro 4.0.1
Photo Tools 1.0.3
Photo Tune 2.2

Alpha Strip v1.32
Digitalizer v1.24
Engraver v1.25
Fire3 v3.32
Ice Pattern v1.0
Lens Pro III v3.84

Photokit Color 2.11
Photokit Sharpener 1.26
Photokit 1.26

-----Power Retouche-----
Retouching Suite 7.5

5-6-5 RGB Bits 1.3
12 Bits 1.3
DITABIS (Micron) 1.0
HistoText 1.0
Life 1.0
Path Area 0.1
Path Length 0.1
Path to Text 0.1
PSD Recover 0.1
Quicktime for Electric Image 1.4
Radial Distort
Scramble 0.3

Camouflage 1.0
Halftone 2.0
Harmonix 1.1
NightVision 1.0
OldMovie 1.3
Snowflakes 1.0
SnowScape 1.0
UnPlugged-X 2.0


EIAS x86
EIAS x64
SGI x86
SGI x64


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