To Begin With

Words jump out at me. When I heard someone
today say, "To begin with..." my thoughts
turned to all the possibilities.

To begin with...[size=17pt]FAITH

You cannot say that you have faith if when
you fall you give up. Faith means you
will be given the strength to rise, or the
hand to be lifted up. But don't lie there
waiting. God provides for the smallest
bird, but He doesn't throw the seed into the
nest. They were created to fly

To begin with...HOPE!

Trust that in all things there is hope. Even
when we cannot see the opportunity, there it
is in the out stretched hand, the listening
ear, the smiling face, the sunrise.

To begin with...LOVE!

If you cannot see love in your life perhaps
you need to put life in your love. Begin
by accepting who you are and all you can be.
This confidence will give you the power to
love outside yourself. Love is not love until
it is given away. To love is to honor God.

To begin with...FRIENDSHIP!

If you want to have friends, BE ONE!
Sometimes friendship, like love, appears one sided.
Sometimes people need more than they give.
Trust that in doing for another the act
is the gift you give yourself.

To begin with...THE PRESENT!

Where you are at the moment is a result of
where you have been. We only have the past
and the present. No one is guaranteed tomorrow.
Learn from yesterday and
begin anew with the Present.

To begin with...LOSS!

Succumb to the feelings of loss. The heart
cannot heal until pain is acknowledged.
Tears are not a sign of weakness
but an acceptance of the reality,
a release for the bereaved.

Faith, Hope, Love and Friendship
will be your strength in the Present.
Even in
loss there is much to be gained.

To begin with...
"I believe in you!"