> Polygamy In Islam


I thought I would share this book since there are very few books dedicated to this topic, and way too much "I don't even want to hear the term as if it's not even halal PERIOD.." going around the muslim globe, due to influence from the media and of course the west it self. The only thing that comes to mind to most people when they hear the word is they associate it with negativity, saudi men, and then mormons and what have you in Utah.

Look, in Islam, unlike for christians, we have a LIMIT and a set of rules regarding this part of Islam, this lifestyle. Also, this book isn't just written by a man, so don't give me that please. Please notice it ALSO has a female co-author. Remember each marriage (whether monogamous or polygynous) is different, and we should not let our experiences and observations prevent us from educatiing ourselves in a BILATERAL manner. BarakAllahu feekum.

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips & Jameelah Jones

'Polygamy is the Muslim practice most frequently and severely maligned by Westerners and modernist Muslims. This book can be read with profit by all unprejudiced readers who wish to know its justification and rationale.

One of the greatest contrasts between Islam and the West is their conflicting concepts of relations between the sexes. Indeed, the very first question a Muslim convert is confronted with by an American or European is ‘Why does Islam allow four wives?’ This book...replies straightforwardly to that question and much more.
The authors describe all the most important characteristics of marriage in Islam, pointing out that the Western notions of sex equality and romantic premarital ‘love’ are not necessary in Islamic marriage based on piety and the commitment on the part of both parents to win the pleasure of Almighty Allah.'

This book contains basic guides for anyone interested in understanding the rights and obligations of males and females in Islamic plural marriage. The guidelines have been drawn from the Quran, Hadith and opinions of Islamic scholars.