Allah made me to remember Huda TV Channel, Huda TV is staggering with a fear of its fall, and I am saying it for the sake of Allah that, if Huda TV falls, then every financially able person –who can contribute and help the channel to rise up and not to fall will sin if he didn’t do so .

I said before that Huda TV broadcasts in English and by that it represents the whole Muslim nation since our Muslim nation is obliged to convey the message of Islam to all mankind in their different ********s. Huda TV has lifted this burden from the entire ummah. Huda TV is the only channel in our region preaching Islam in English and I know very well that its teamwork is on the right path of Islam as they always adhere to the understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah according to the practice of the righteous predecessors of the Prophet's companions, May Allah be pleased with them and Allah knows best.

Huda TV is staggering now with a fear of its fall and the employees did not receive their salaries for several months and some others actually left the channel. I wonder how can we let it fall?! Where are the righteous and rich Muslims? By Allah if the channel falls the whole Muslim nation will sin. ….. Where are the generous businessmen? Where are the rich? These channels do not need more than a little in comparison with what is being spent here and there.

If some of the rich donate with little money, the channel will continue. I wonder…by Allah my heart is about to be broken… I adjure now all the Muslim nation to donate and I swear that the whole Muslim nation will sin if this righteous and virtuous channel falls except those who cannot afford to donate, as Allah does not burden any human being with more than he is well able to bear.

This is a sincere call that I ask the Almighty Allah to accept and to make fruitful. I ask the Almighty Allah to support Huda TV and to make it a beacon for monotheism and guidance and to bountifully reward those working in it and to bestow upon all of us truth and sincerity since he is the Guardian and the Helper”