The following material relates to the extra judicial killing of Palestinian Mahmoud Salah by a Israeli Border Police unit, on Friday 8 March 2002, in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem.
Included, screen captures of images from a video of the execution with the article and original captions as published in Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda (Palestine), two wire service reports from Agence France Presse, and an article from the Jerusalem Post. Together -- through visual evidence, eyewitness interviews, and a media record of official statements made by Israeli police spokesmen -- a picture emerges that clearly contradicts the Israeli version of events. See pictures of the summary execution of 23-year old Palestinian martyr Mahmoud Salah. Israel claimed that Salah Mahmoud was strapped with explosives and soldiers were forced to shoot him because he refused to remove his overcoat. Yet, photographs reveal that Salah was detained, forced to the ground, stripped of his clothes and shot in the head in cold blood.