Islam, the second largest Religion in the world and it is the fastest growing Religion in the world. There are around 1.5 billion adherents of Islam in the world and unfortunately Islam is the most misunderstood Religion in the world.

For centuries Christianity was the dominant Religion in the world, it felt no threat from any other way of life or any other philosophy prevailed at that time. And Christianity was dominating and church had the highest authority, but it was all until Islam emerged in the main s***e of the world and People accepted Islam in huge waves, the conversions were so massive that Islam became the threat to the faith and creed of Christianity because Christianity was loosing its customers in every nation where Message of Islam reached through the Muslims. First time in the history of Christianity it faced a very strong competitor, a very strong opponent according to the followers of the Christianity.

The enmity of Islam grew very much amongst the learned men of Christendom and they wanted to respond to the call of Islam in every possible way and this even included the military action against the Muslims.

Pope Urban II , in 1095, gave a rousing speech urging all Christians to unite against the Islamic threat and save Jerusalem from “the wicked race” of Saracens (a fairly nasty term for Arabs & Muslims). On July 15 1099, the crusaders from western Europe conquered Jerusalem, falling upon its Jewish and Muslim inhabitants like avenging angels from the Apocalypse. About 40,000 Muslims were slaughtered in two days. A thriving populous city had been transformed into a stinking charnel house.
The enmity against Islam was so immense, the venom of hatred against Islam was inculcated in the minds and hearts of people that even small children’s were against Islam, In the year 1212 the first children crusade was led by Stephen of France, a 12 year old shepherd boy. Stephen said that God had appeared to him in a vision on a hillside near Cloyes in France. God told him that only innocent children could drive the bad guys out of the Holy Land. His Zeal attracted thousands of kids, most of them under 12 years old. About 30,000 children went on a “Holy Mission” to drive out “bad guys” from the Holy Land. The slimy merchants finally loaded the exhausted little crusaders into old, rotten ship for “free transport of the Holy Land”. Two of the ship sank, and all board drowned. The Kids on the other ships were sold into slavery.

Thus between 1095- 1270 there were Eight Crusades (“Holy War”). In a boarder sense all the wars between the Muslim power and the Christian power of Eastern Europe were considered Crusades. The Reconquista of Spain was considered a Crusade. (Above all When the British occupied Jerusalem, in 1917, which has been just vacated by the Ottomans, they declared it as the end of Crusades.)

This hatred does not end here it continued in the minds of the westerners even in 20th century, Jeremy Johns, in his book “Christianity and Islam” in John McManners, edition 1990, in page 194 he states In 1920, when the French army entered Damascus, their commander marched directly to Saladin’s tomb and declared, famously: “Nous revoila, Saladin”- “We’re back!” or “here We are again”.

Christian Dilemma
All the military actions against Muslims didn’t restrict Islam from spreading, because Islam triumphed every time when these western forces tried to wipe out Islam from this world. The Christians were in quagmire, they really needed to stumble the rise of Islam, as the Christians very well know that Islam is the only religion that could overcome Christianity and ultimately put an end to it. The rise of Islam will be downfall of Christianity. The Military action against Muslims is not always possible, they required to tackle Islam intellectually, to defeat Islam intellectually for this the Christians adopted, experimented various methodologies to discredit Islam and to win over Muslims to Christianity by converting them.

The distortion of Islam was necessary to cease people from accepting Islam and second Missionaries should work on Muslims to convert them to Christianity.

Missionaries and their Methodologies

The military response from Christianity in form of crusades didn’t yield the fruit for the Christians so they adopted to attack Islam by systematic distortion of Islam. For this goal to attain Islam had to be discredited. The easiest way to do this was through lies, false propaganda, and misrepresentation. The denomination prepared the European masses for the Crusades. If we examine the early literature a number of themes emerge.

The Early Christian writers focused their attack on the character of the Prophet (pbuh). The Qur’an and the facts about the Prophet’s life were distorted to justify Christian arguments that he was not a divine messenger. The reason behind this attack was if Prophet’s character could be destroyed, the Qur’an would be proved a forgery. Books about Prophet (pbuh) are given titles like Demoniacus to reinforce this message. In most works he is described as a robber, adulterer, a murderer, a poor pagan who schemed himself into power, and maintained it by pretending revelation, spread it through violence. This early tendency continued and found its way into popular medieval literature.

Question Demands an Answer

Early Christian literature had to answer a difficult question. If Islam was so evil, why were so many people attracted to it? This is evident even today; its agreed upon unanimously that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, especially in the west, Europe etc. The argument given was that evil often triumphs.

“The underlying problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam…”
(Samuel Huntingdon, The Clash of civilizations).

Again, the Christians couldn’t give a fitting reply to Islam, in regards to restrict the growth of Islam. Now they had no choice then to depend upon the evangelizing the Muslims, baptizing the Muslims, Christianizing the Muslims. The plan to destroy Islam was not only depended on evangelizing but Christians carried out political agenda to bring down Islam, which we won’t be dealing with in this article.

Let us now concentrate on Christian missionaries and there methodologies which they are adopting in their mission of converting Muslims.