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Let's start from the beginning
The Arabic Alphabet
I will write the pronunciation of every letter.
ا = alef pronounced alone as (a)
ب = Baa' --------------- b
ت = taa' ------------- t
ث = thaa' ------------ th as in think
ج = jeem ----------- j
ح = haa' ------ this is an Arabic letter that does not have an equevelant in english
خ = khaa' --------- kh as in the german pronunciation of munich
د = dal ---------- d
ذ = thal ----------- th as in the definite article (the) in english
ر = raa' ------------ r
ز = zay ---------- z
س = seen --------- s
ش = sheen ---------- sh
ص = sad --------- alson an Arabian letter with no english equevelant as strong s
ض = dad ----------- this one is the letter the Arabic ******** is ****d after Lesan al Dad, and it has no equevelant in all the ********s of the world.
ط = taa' ------- strong (t), also Arabic
ظ = thaa' ---------- strong (th), also arabic
ع = aen ------------ strong (a)
غ= ghayn ----------- gh
ف = faa' ------------ f
ق = kaaf --------- strong k
ك = kaf ---------- weak k
ل = lam ----------- l
م = meem ----------- m
ن = noon --------- n
ه = haa' ----------- h
و = waw -------- w
ي = yaa' ----------- as in (y)

these are the Arabic letters
of course, they have other forms according to their position in the word and to which letter they are connected
next time, i will give you the other forms with some Arabic words as examples.