When I went away

When I went away
To that shining way

Me and no one except me
Sitting beneath a tree
Leaving that thoughts of me
Flying and dancing like a bee

The sky smiled for I
Became that cute butterfly
Brightly and nicely received me
Bowing saying sure.. Hi

I passed and looked around
When I suddenly got charmed
Blessings.. mercies I found
That I suppose it might
Be that immortal land

Deeply and further there
I walked following the light
Seeking more beauty and bright
Going to endless site

A voice was totally true
Whispering ... saying ..it is you
....no tears ...no fear be sure
There would be no more blue
Or pain you might be through
It is .. heaven and no other clue
It's heaven and no other clue

I imagined myself leaving this life to the afterlife
where there were nothing except happiness