Never walk on the traveled path,
It’s only leads you where the others have been !!

Many people lose the small joys... in hope for the big happiness !!!

Life can be understood only looking behind
Can be lived only looking ahead

Why repeat the old errors ????
If there are so many new errors to commit ??

If I could returned to youth,
I would commit all those errors again,
But a bit earlier !!

Nothing can be taught to a person,
it’s possible to help him find the answer within himself !!!

There are people who speak to us,
And we don’t listen to them
There are people who hurt us,
But they don’t leave a scar,
There are people who simply appear in our life,
And they mark us forever….

The true philosophy is :
to learn again to see the world…..

to love people around……..
is the best music in the score of life….
Without this love….
Tune in the immense choir of humanity