Never Lose Hope

Asslamu Alaikum

That day, I was in car sitting and thinking when I saw another car in front of us. The man waited for a very long time for the green light because it was the rush hour. Then he gave up and cut the traffic signal. Just a second after him the light became green. Something like an inspiration came to my mind..This is our life!!! we struggle and work for a long time and just before we reach it,.. very few steps.. we GIVE UP!! Why after the long journey and few steps from the end the feet STOP????

Islam is the religion of HOPE. Allah taught us to work hard and NEVER give up!! How old was Ibrahim peace be upon him when Allah blessed him with boy? and how about Zakaria, peace be upon him? tell me how much Jacub cried on Yusuf before he came back? And after the long struggle of prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, they throw the stones at him, they put the dirt on his back, they throw the rubbish at his door, they spat on his HOLY face, then Allah made him the KING and made all of those under his mercy. After the long pain Allah makes the relief.. Allah wants His slaves to be HOPEFUL and STRONG. He does not want us to lay down and say.. OK Ya Allah make us successful people,,

In fact there is a simple recipe to reach you dreams:

you need:

1- A great amount of faith and love for Allah. This faith will make you trust Him and be sure that He loves you and takes care of you.

2- A great a mount of patience. Look at all the successful people who left their names even after their death,,, tell me how much did they fail and try again again??? did any one reach the success without failing many times and trying again? NOTHING is called failure but let us call it the first try.

3- Du'aa. Brothers and sisters, this is the weapon of believer and with out du'aa the Muslim is weak and poor and nothing,, I can not add to this video about duaa please keep these words in your mind
4- Never lose the HOPE in Allah. Remember what you want can come just a minutes after you give up.