Open your HEART

Life is very wide and wonderful only if you see it nice and if
you are satisfied of what God gives you

~~~ Open your heart to others and trust them ~~~

People are very kind to you and to others only if you treat them in pureness and kindness...

~~~ Open your heart to your work/studying ~~~

By this you will be more active and dynamic, that will help you to be independent…
If you like your job/studying and do it perfectly you will be in the top always

~~~Open your heart to HOPE~~~

Hope is everywhere, we live with it and life goes on by it... don't stop your life because of losing hope, and don't you ever kill hope inside you, what hurts you makes you stronger…

~~~ Open your heart to yourself ~~~
Because you are creative, active, brilliant, and lovable and you will be like this always if you opened your heart to yourself, you need all these to show your love to others and to make everyone happy by your bright touches.

~~~My friends look what you have ~~~

You have the key of your heart; you can enter a wonderful life, see the shining sides of life and enjoy all what God gives us

!!Believe me if you open your heart, soul and mind … life will always open its doors to a bright future