What does a tongue twister do ?

It makes your tongue twist in your mouth , so you can't say the words right .

One well-known illustration is :

" Peter Piper Picked a Peck of pickled Peppers "

Another hard one is :

"Peggy Babcock " .

Try to say that name four times very fast .

How did you do ?

Some tongue twister tell stories . Others are just words put together .

Most tongue twisters use words that have the same initial sound. This makes them hard to be said fast .

Try to say the following tongue twisters as fast as you can three times . You will see how

the tongue twisters got it :

" She sells the sea****ls by the seashore . The sea****ls that she sells are sea****ls I'm sure "

And now our members can you do these tongue twisters successfully ?

Try many times and tell me about the result .