1. First Mobile : GoldVish m

This phone made of white gold and diamonds has been submitted the first time last September, of which 100 pieces and the first piece of it sold b million euros



Sold 300 thousand dollars, making it five models with diamonds cut Algiratin one button on the direction and the other on the back phone


Third MOBILE PHONES : Nokia 8800 Limited Edition

The rear section made of 150 grams of pure gold, as well as the front-end specification is very ordinary and the price only $ 16000


Fourth MOBILE PHONES : VX Royal Hearts on fire

Specifications normal by 2 Maiga pixels camera operator myself Mp3 lateral cover of pure gold and the price of only $ 12 thousand and it is a gold-White


Fifth MOBILE PHONES : Mago Luxury

This phone without any jewelry or gold, but the distribution will be limited to the price of 3000 euros


SF MOBILE PHONES : Mobiado Luminoso

The first cellular telephone of a pattern of 3 G Unprizable Vthmanh $ 1700 a mobile container at all specifications can notify you of the camera operator and multi-instrumentalist patterns and memory blocks and other


Seventh MOBILE PHONES : Bang & Olufsen Serene

The price of this phone 1200 dollars and amusing by the first two figures are in the form of tablets, as was the case in previous extensions and Tones only four portable and designed by one of the artists especially for this phone



It seems that Alattafqayat between designers and mobile begun to spread news and stronger in this regard was LG agreement with House PRADA fashion design for the production of this phone, which depends entirely on touch and we were close to the end of Allah Badatasar approached the mobile phone is the logical at $ 600


9th Mobile : MOTORAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana

This phone is also the result of a common design between Motorola and Dar fashion design Dulce and Gabanna, worth $ 400, not only contains phone Alaa of the Musavat Assembly v3i


10. 10th and another MOBILE PHONES : Gresso

This phone was designed from the hype of 18 carat gold and black African wood, not ****l, plastic As usual, but for the price of the preferred designer phone that the impact of surprise