Sorry.. my HEART

I'm so sorry I'm late to write you this letter, and I'm sorry that I have to..
I realized that time which goes away and travel to the past never goes back
Memories stay memories, shadows stay shadows and dreams stay dreams
I know that I can't get anything back. What's done is done


I'm sorry my heart for letting you down over and over
I'm sorry for letting other leave you broken over and over
I'm sorry I didn't protect you so well

I'm sorry because I just was a fool thinking I can do every thing and I understand life
I'm sorry my heart.. I didn't tell you that life is just like shadows
you can never catch it but you stuck on it for ever

my heart,
I hurt you enough .. I know… but from this moment I promise you
I'll never let you down again
I'll never let anybody hurts you
I'll never think of anyone more than you

I'll never let you sleep sad at night knowing that the one who made you sad
Is sleeping happy and comfortable without even feeling shame
Forgive me my heart.. I know that you are big enough to forgive me
And giving me a second chance just like you did with those who doesn't deserve