ܔܛ || It's foolish || ܔܛ

to run away from people

because one person left you suffer

ܔܛ || It's selfish || ܔܛ

to forget all the wonderful

memories with someone

because you faced a ghastly one

ܔܛ || It's stupidity || ܔܛ

to expect that all the people are perfect

and don't accept their mistakes

ܔܛ || It's unfair || ܔܛ

to lose everything you've done

to be a slave for your pride

ܔܛ || It's puzzling || ܔܛ

when you think that you're right

while the others think that you're


ܔܛ || It's painful || ܔܛ

to act that everything is all right

while you're dying

ܔܛ || It's great || ܔܛ

to think before you start
to try after you fail
to smile between you tears