A teenage boy had cancer and was in the hospital for several
weeks to undergo radiation treatments and chemotherapy.
During that time, he lost all of his hair. On the way home
from the hospital, he was worried ... not about the cancer,
but about the embarrassment of going back to school with a
bald head. He had already decided not to wear a wig or a hat.
When he arrived home, he walked in the front door and turned
on the lights. To his surprise, about fifty of his friends jumped
up and shouted, "Welcome home!" The boy looked around
the room and could hardly believe his eyes... all fifty of his friends had shaved their heads!
Wouldn't we all like to have caring friends who were so sensitive
and committed to us that they would sacrifice their hair for
us if that's what it took to make us feel affirmed, included,
and loved? Friends like that are hard to find in today's world.

Edited from Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks by Wayne Rice.
Copyright 1994 by Youth Specialties, Inc