The turtle and the ducks

The turtle was not very happy. "here I am on the ground
"he said. "I cannot go fast. I always see the same things
I see only the ground and the grass. Poor, poor me
Then the turtle looked up at the sky. "look at those birds
" he said. "they go many places. They see many things
I want to be a bird. I want to fly, too
Two ducks stopped near the turtle
"oh, ducks, "asked the turtle. "what can I do? I want to
go far places. I want to see the world
"I think we can help you," said the ducks
"can you?" asked the turtle. "how?"
"you can fly with us to Africa or to America. You can see
mountains, oceans, and cities – all things you want to see
"but how can I fly?" asked the turtle
"with a stick," said the ducks." We can hold the stick in
our mouths. And you must hold on with your mouth
And that's what they did. They went up in the air. They went
many miles. The turtle saw many new things. He saw a city
and lots of people
Some people looked up. "a turtle in the air!" they said
"run, run to the queen. There is a flying turtle. She must see it
The queen came out to see the turtle." where is it
She asked. "here! Can't you see me?" called the turtle
But when he opened his mouth, he fell to the ground
And there, in front of the queen and all the people, he died