Now the telephone rang father heard his son's sound who is in armed forces
Son: hello dad
Father :oooh I miss u so much
Son: mmm ..can i tell u some thing dad??
Father: yes sure
Son: Can my friend comes to our home
Father:..sure he is welcome
Son : dad my friend …has only one leg and one hand
Father oh dear ok ok no problem
Son: a ..a. .d.. dad my friend will stay with us 4ever
Father:oh no its impossible dear it will be over load on me ,u know ur son need school's coasts … ur sister also needs money for marriage and ur mum ………………………………….father refused .
Many days passed without neither son come back to home nor just call ,father knew that his son is angry ..this is what he thought
Again the telephone rang , but this time the sound comes to father to say ur son died please come to identify his body
When father went he was surprise his son's body was with only one leg and one hand